Clothing Outlet in Italy: 10 Coolest Outlets

Going shopping is the passion of every woman and every man who wants to wear every day a flawless style, trendy and fashionable.

After following the fashion shows for several seasons, as Milan Fashion Week, for the women’s collections , and Milan Fashion Week , for the men’s collections , here we just want to have in our wardrobe those clothes and those accessories offered the runway from the most ‘great fashion designer. How, though, ‘if our portfolio is he crying? Simple, we turn to the many outlets in Italy.

A great number of outlets that every day we offer a shop with very competitive prices: within these mega fashion we can find the best collections of fashion brands , at prices much more ‘competitive, more’ content than those who would find in stores of the brand .
Where do our purchases ? In Italy there are many famous outlet stores , where you can buy all the fashion that we want without svenarci too: from North to South, passing through the center, in recent years has opened many stores , from which the discounts coming up to 70 percent.
Here then is a series of recommendations for all fashion addicts and fashionistas in Milan: where to buy the most fashionable ‘most glamorous priced’ low? Which outlet should you attend ? Poking around on the internet , some addresses have found perfect for you!

Outlet shoes Milan

Outlet shoes Milan
If you are looking for the shoes of the most ‘famous fashion brands , here are some points of reference not to be missed: the best fashion brands with their own shop as well as large centers where you can buy one of the fashion brand more ‘ known and appreciated internationally. Do not miss!
OUTLET SHOES : Jacks Road, 6 / B – Milan
PUMA FACTORY OUTLET : Viale Montenero, 22 – Milan
SUPERGA : Matre Sport Srl – Via Olgia, 18 – Segrate (MI)
Fratelli Rossetti : Via Cantu, 24 – 20015 Parabiago (MI)
KICKERS : Maecenas on 76-20138 Milan (MI)
ADIDAS SHOP: Via Monte S. First, 3 – Monza (MI)

Boggi Outlet Milan
The fashion brand Boggi offers us, in the Lombard capital, international capital of fashion and shopping, a company store, where you can buy all the fashion brand, previous collections at very discounted prices. It is located in Via Vincenzo Lancetti, 28, where, among other things, there ‘s also the official home of the famous fashion brand . Here you can find all the fashion brands , stylish, glamor and fashion!

Gucci Outlet Milan
If you love fashion Gucci , if you can not quite resist the accessories and apparel Italian fashion brand that offers us every season, here in Milan there are not only the fashion boutique of the brand: Gucci brand is being proposed in several Italian outlet , where you can buy clothes of past collections. At prices much more ‘convenient.
In Milan, here is the address to mark: Via Matteotti 15 – San Vittore Olona MI. Here you will find many other famous fashion brand. All to see!

Marni Outlet Milan
Even the fashion label Marni can ‘count on a really great outlet in Milan. It is located in Via F. Tajani. The opening hours are: Monday to Friday from 11.00 to 18.00, and Saturday from 11.00 to 19.00.

Milan hosts many outlet stores and offers the best brands in fashion. Just search on Google Maps to figure out how true that Milan and ‘really the capital of fashion and shopping: the dots are a great many appeared. Among fashion for him and her, children’s, accessories and pieces of furniture for our house, there are so many outlets in Milan.

Outlet center of Milan
The center of Milan , with its glittering boutiques, offers us many possibilities’ shopping. Here are some perfect for you:
ALBERTO GUARDIANS : Via Monte Napoleone, 9 – Milan
JIL SANDER ITALY SPA : Via Pietro Verri, 6 – Milan
BROADCASTING NAMES : Corso Buenos Aires 77 – Milan
SPREAD MAX MARA : Galleria San Carlo – Milan
Jil Sander Italy SpA, Via Pietro Verri, 6, 20121 Milano (MI)

Milan Clothing Outlet

Milan Clothing Outlet
If you are looking for the best men’s clothing and women, here is a series of addresses to be scored on the agenda in Milan and province!
ANNA Cristy : Via Berlinguer, 17/9 – Colnago in Cornate (MI)
DOLCE & GABBANA : Via Rossini, 70 – Legnano (MI)
LEVI’S & DOKERS & MELTIN’POT : Via G. Green, 104 – Cernusco (MI)
MILA SCHON SHOP : Via Guido Rosso, 1 – Arluno (MI)
SHOP ETRO : Via Spartacus, 3 – Milan
Fashion Outlet : Via Victor Pisani, 12 / A – Milan
CHIFFON : Via Dina Galli 4 – Milan
BENETTON OUTLET : Viale Fulvio Testi, 117 – Cinisello Balsamo (MI)

Outlet milan watches
If the clocks are your thing, you know that in Milan and ‘born on the first outlet dedicated to this precious accessory ? Here you will find the best timepieces: the outlet is located in downtown Milan, in Via Cerva 11 and is home to many brands famous. The opening hours are: from Tuesday ‘to Saturday from 10 am to 13 and from 14.30 to 19. On Monday ‘and’ closed hand.

Outlet Lombardy

Outlet Lombardy
not only Milan, but ‘. All the England and ‘full of outlets that are coveted the more’ attentive followers of fashion :
Fifty Factory Store : located in Meda, near Milan and is ‘a complex with 50 stores dedicated to the most’ famous brands.
Brescia Factory Outlet : Castenedolo is located in the province of Brescia. 2850 square meters of exhibition will be enough?
Franciacorta Outlet Village : still in the province of Brescia, in Rodengo Saiano, we find this mega fashion store.
Cremona Factory Outlet : San Giovanni in Croce a dedicated outlet for your desire for fashion.
Fashion District Mantova Outlet; : Bagnolo San Vito shopping is not ‘never been’ nice!

Factory outlet Milan
Here are the best factory outlets in the capital of Lombardy and Milan in the province:
Levi’s Factory Outlet : is located in Nerviano, near Milan.
Samsonite Factory Store : Avenue of Industry, 5 Corsico – Milan (Tel. +39 02 45864429 – Hours: Monday 14.00/19.00, 10.00/19.30 from Tuesday to Saturday, info @ corsico.factory
Jil Sander Italy SpA, Via Pietro Verri, 6, 20121 Milano (MI)
Gianni Versace SpA, Via Gesu ‘, 12, 20121 Milano (MI)

Bridal Outlet Milan
conclude thinking of all those who will soon tie the lawful marriage:
The Brides Outlet in Milan : Via GR Carli, 14 – 20161 – Milan
Wedding Center Cologno : viale Liguria 24, Cologno Monzese, Milan
Let the Wire Outlet : Viale Piceno, 5 – 20129 – Milan
Bride Dresses LOVE Milan : Via Vittorio Giuseppe 10, 20094 Corsico (Milan)
BRIDAL OUTLET : Via Cremona, 4 Cernusco (Milan)